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Highway Croatia – Livno – Glamoč

The project was implemented in two phases: phase – research of variants in the given corridor with the suggestion of an optimal variant with multi-criteria analysis according to the methods “VIKOR”, “ELECTRE” and “SMART”. phase – processing of the adopted variant at the level of the project design, and larger objects at the level of […]

Bridge “Karanovac”

Solely relying on designing bridges in accordance with regulations and standards is not a guarantee for a good and long-lasting bridge. A correct concept is needed, which, in addition to standards, takes into account the experience of modern practice and feedback from the maintenance and management of bridges. The new bridge is designed as an […]

Bridge “Zeleni most”

Guided by functionality, durability and favorable cost of execution, the project solution of an integral concrete bridge with two spans has been adopted, with a viewpoint placed in the middle of the bridge, that will make it special in relation to other bridges from the region. Location The viewpoint has natural contours, it is located […]

Landslide Ponir

Retaining structure can be the main measure of stabilization of landslides, alone or in combination with drainage, relief of the upper slide mass of the landslide, geotechnical anchors etc. It directly or indirectly increases the resistance to slipping at the footing bottom, either by increasing the weight or by introducing new forces.


PUT plus 2016

July 10, 2018

Attached you can see the 2016 article from the magazine “PUT plus” about INK Constructor. INK_2016

Works on “Zeleni most” bridge start on Thursday

The removal of construction of the old “Zeleni most” bridge, which will be closed for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, will start in Banja Luka on Thursday, June 14th, announced the Banja Luka Department of Traffic and Roads. The bridge has been closed for traffic since October last year. The construction of a new bridge at this […]

PUT plus 2017

July 9, 2018

Attached you can see the 2016 article from the magazine “PUT plus” about INK Constructor. INK_2017